The Paradice Philosophy

Vision and problem solving – experience and enjoyment


  • Handmade of Laboratory Glass

    Each Paradice Bong is lovingly manufactured by hand, hence every single piece is unique. The use of borosilicate laboratory glass – combined with its optimal treatment in production – guarantees enormous robustness and longevity. This bong will last longer than many a marriage…


  • Sophisticated Modular System

    The detachable filter chamber can be filled with water, Ice or even frozen fruits. The bong head and the chillum are attached from above. Through four output holes, the cooled smoke gets into the body before it finally reaches the mouth-piece – where the smoke is joyfully expected by the epicure…


  • Easy to clean within a few seconds

    Even when it is subject to frequent use, there will be hardly any residues left over in the body and mouth-piece. Filter chamber, chillum and bong head are easily removed, which makes emptying and cleaning very simple and time-saving. Our user-friendly cleaning system truly brings the pleasure into focus!




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