The Paradice Philosophy

Vision and problem solving – experience and enjoyment


Follow the way to paradise – easiest cleaning, new smoking experience, sustainability.

The Bong smoking revolution starts with you!

Change the world with us!


Due to the unique modular system, the use is a true experience for everyone.

Are you ready to write history instead of reading stories?

Then join the PARADICE community and change the way of Bong smoking globally with us!

Problem Solving

Who does not knWho does not know it? The cleaning is tedious and when cleaning it, the Bong breaks quickly.

With your PARADICE BONG it belongs to the past.

Each Paradice Bong is lovingly manufactured by hand, hence every single piece is unique.

The use of borosilicate laboratory glass – combined with its optimal treatment in production – guarantees enormous robustness and longevity.

Experience the future of Bong smoking today!


The way the smoke is unfolded and filtered is a real pleasure.

 Follow the way to PARADICE!

       Easy cleaning

       New smoking experience


Your unique bong for special moments!
















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